Menara Networks Announces Industry's Only 50 GHz DWDM Tunable OTN XFP with Integrated ITU-T G.709 OTN Framing and Forward Error Correction Capabilities at OFC/NFOEC 2010

San Diego, CA--March 22, 2010— Menara Networks, a vertically integrated optical Ethernet transport specialist and provider of the award winning “System-in-a Module” portfolio of OTN pluggable transceivers that greatly simplify IP and Ethernet optical transport, today announces another breakthrough with the introduction of the industry’s only 50GHz full C-band tunable OTN XFP Module with integrated G.709 framer, OAM and Forward Error Correction.

Consistent with Menara’s philosophy of building products that greatly simplify Ethernet/IP transport by integrating key optical networking functions such as DWDM, ITU-T G.709 OTN, and FEC into hot pluggable optical transceivers, the company today announces the availability of full C-band DWDM tunability on ITU-T 50 GHz grid for its OTN XFP “System-in-a-Module” product line. With the enhancement of full wavelength tunability, all key optical networking functions are now available for the first time in a hot pluggable, small form factor transceiverenabling simplified IP/Ethernet DWDM transport with unparalleled density, cost, space, power, and deployment time savings to network operators. Menara’s 50 GHz tunable XFP products with integrated G.709 OTN and FEC are fully MSA compliant and operate up to an unregenerated reach of 2,000 km. This important milestone leverages the company’s proprietary high-speed ICs and builds on its deep expertise in systems design, component engineering, and optical networking. Menara Networks will conductlive demonstrations of the new tunable XFP with integrated OTN in Booth # 2047 at OFC/NFOEC 2010, being held March 23-25, at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

"DWDM transceiver hot pluggability was a fundamental turning point in our industry,” says Eve Griliches, Managing Partner at ACG Research. “It allowed service providers to increase port density and decouple the physical optics from the line card yielding better economics and lead times in their procurement and sparing. Many of us in the industry have referred to what the holy grail of optical transceivers would look like, and I think with the integration of OTN framing, FEC, and now 50 GHz tunability, Menara has pretty much achieved that goal.”

“There was certainly a sense of awe as our engineering team tested the first fully tunable OTN XFP modules,” added Adam Hotchkiss, Menara’s Vice President of Product Management. “Having all key DWDM transmission functions: OTN framing, FEC and now tunability in a XFP is a major milestone in our industry, and an achievement that will usher in a much more simplified packet transport architecture yielding substantial cost saving. Service providers are now able to reconcile the gap between the explosive packetized traffic growth and the steep price erosion they are facing. Our team has pulled off a marvelous engineering feat, and we are very proud of our track record of being the first to bring key innovations into the market place.”

Menara offers a full line of DWDM XFP and XENPAK transceivers with integrated OTN and FEC. Its products are Telcordia qualified and deployed worldwide including a leading MSO carrier. In addition to the OTN pluggable modules, Menara also offers the ARMADA product line; a fully managed 1 RU modular DWDM transport system offering the industry’s most flexible multi 10 Gbps and 10GE transport with integrated ITU G.709 OTN capability, FEC, DWDM mux/demux, EDFA amplifiers, dispersion compensation, SONET/SDH and Ethernet monitoring in 100% pluggable design for lowest first cost. About Menara Networks

Menara Networks develops innovative products and solutions that greatly simplify today's layered optical transport networks. Leveraging the company's proprietary high speed ICs and its extensive expertise in optical networking and system design, Menara products provide optical networks with superior performance and improved service velocity while drastically reducing, floor space, power consumption and overall network cost. The Company is funded by Sigma Partners, Spark Capital, Concept Ventures, and Applied Materials venture capital arm. Menara is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit


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